Blood drawing chairs

Blood drawing chairs

Comfort and convenience

Blood drawing chairs allow for easier and more comfortable injections to a patient’s forearm.  They are usually fitted as standard equipment in medical diagnostic laboratories, GP’s clinics,  hospital emergency rooms, surgeries, health care centers.

A wide range of models

Meet our all blood drawing chairs - each tailored to your needs!



Blood drawing chairs of FK series feature a solid steel frame and comfortable upholstered seat and back rest. Two adjustable armrests come in as standard equipment to each model.

  • The device's empty weight
  • Maximum pressure
  • See available colors

Full range of colors

Meet our all blood drawing chairs - each tailored to your needs!

Standard upholstery

  • S01
  • S02
  • S03
  • S04
  • S05
  • S06
  • S07
  • S08
  • S09
  • S10
  • S11
  • S12
  • S13
  • S14
  • S15
  • S16
  • S17
  • S18

Prestige upholstery

  • N01
  • N02
  • N03
  • N04
  • N05
  • N06
  • N07


  • U0132
  • U0515
  • U0125
  • U0162


  • RAL 9003
  • RAL 9006
  • RAL 7016


  • U7031
  • U8685
  • U0859


  • Transparent
  • 22-62
  • 22-68


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